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  1. A direct numerical simulation of a Batchelor vortex has been carried out in the presence of freely decaying turbulence, using both periodic and symmetric boundary conditions; the latter most closely approximates typical experimental conditions, while the former is.
  2. I don't see why us being in a simulation would have any effect on what dreams are. They're just the normal dreams of simulated brains. Our brains have evolved not to remember dreams very well because that's useful in order to avoid mixing up memories of dreams with our memories of real things.
  3. A container used to store and organize files on a computer. The folder structure created by Windows is a hierarchy. There are folders within folders, which are known as sub-folders or children. Designed to help you organize your files on a windows computer. 4 .
  4. It must be admitted that, by the aid of certain of these new constituents, glasses can be produced which, as regards purity of colour, freedom from defects and chemical stability are equal or even superior to the best of the " ordinary " glasses, but it is a remarkable fact that when this is the case the optical properties of the new glass do not fall very widely outside the limits set by the.
  5. This seems a bit counterintuitive, but it's actually based on a basic economic principle: supply and demand. When the supply of a product exceeds demands for it, the product's cost generally goes down. And when demand is greater than the supply, manufacturers and suppliers can raise the price.
  6. Vortex tectonics can be used to accurately and easily forecast the danger periods for earthquake and volcanic activity in various regions of the earth. Most surprisingly, the El Nino phenomenon is directly produced by Chandler's Wobble. As the earth wobbles through the midpoints of its year extremes in polar motion, the great rifts of the.
  7. permit to assess the definition of wake vortex scenarios for future regulations. 1. Introduction: Wake Vortex Encounter supported by the forecast that wake vortex WAKE VORTEX ENCOUNTER LOADS. FLIGHT TESTS AND NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS aircraft (A/C) structure stiffness. The mass is accounted for by means of lumped masses.
  8. והיום יש מעצבי מוצר שעובדים רק בשביל חנויות ייחודיות לכל מיני דברים שאולי צריך ואולי לא אבל הם מאוד יפים – מלחיה ופלפליה לסלון, כי הם בעצם מאפרה, עט שהיא בעצם מצלמה, רשמקול ופנס לייזר לעת מצוא, כספות בצורת כרית, כספות.
  9. REM is controlled by the excitability level of the cholinergic neurons. Noradrenaline and seratonin are missing in the brain when in the dream state. These chemicals allow the brain to carry out task, solve problems and remember things. This is a reason why you find it so hard to remember your dreams.
  10. Just a few short days ago, Sonos dropped the bomb that some of its older products would no longer receive software updates starting in May In the initial announcement, Sonos reasoned that.

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